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Babe running in a strapless bra

Seeing a woman with firm, good sized boobs run has certain appeals…if you catch my drift.  Now take that thought, and improve on it by letting the woman only be wearing a bra.  

Funny images to brighten up your week

Funny images to brighten up your week

Here is a great selection of funny images to brighten up your week.  And if you don’t find any of these pics funny at all, then please comment below and I’ll send you some free porn…because frankly I think you need it, buddy!

skinny-piggyav-stand blueberrey-bread chairborne-ranger dentist-cavity emma-watson-signing-her-own-upskirt-pic facebook-invitation farage-intensifies fatty-bbc fry-fart gay-batman get-a-job good-guy-nigeria hello-kitty-dictionary-necklace live-dangerous pad-wearing-weird-guy shocker-nailpolish simpson-guy  stay-hydrated t-rex

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Luis Suarez biting memes

Luis Suarez biting memes


Luis Suarez biting memes are officially taking over the internet!  Not surprising, as the latest headline incident at the 2014 Soccer World Cup with him biting Italian player Giorgio Chiellini is actually the THIRD time Suarez has tried to take a bite of the competition, and I’m sure a lot of the biting memes were made for the first two incidents.  

Still…there is some real funny shit coming out…

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Blowjob talk

When it comes to blowjobs and blowjob talk, there’s not a lot we actually want to hear (except for “May I suck your dick” or “Do you mind if I swallow”)…but you can bet your last buck that there are some things that may come up (hee-hee) that can be regarded pretty much as standard.  If you don’t quite know what I’m on about, then have a look at this clip and see what I mean…


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